Taste of Salt on My Lips

Yesterday morning we dropped the kids off at Nana and Papa Dave’s house and headed out to Hagg Lake for a nice long trail run. Perfect day for it. Overcast, light breeze and with the recent rain the trail was free from dust but not too muddy.

It’d been a while since my last trail run. So long I can’t even remember the time or place. I’m a bit out of shape. But I pushed on and eventually the endorphins kicked in.

Afterward, as we drove through the countryside I tasted the dried salt on my lips. Flashback. To the summer before I was pregnant with Carson. Sundays devoted to long trail runs with my friend Nancy in preparation for the Pacific Crest Trail Ultramarathon. The cool Gatorade as it trickled down my parched throat. Stopping off at Burgerville for the post-run meal complete with marionberry milkshake. Evening spent relaxing, watching Desperate Housewives, nursing sore muscles and falling into a deep sleep.

We didn’t stop off at Burgerville. We returned to Nana and Papa Dave’s for a bbq of cedar plank salmon followed by fresh strawberry pie. During dinner Carson sung us his favorite songs. Hadley had her first taste of salmon. It was a hit. Evening spent watching Jungle Book, nursing Hadley, extra snuggles, and finishing up work before hitting the sack.

photo on the PCT trail, July 2005

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    Oh this brings back great memories! As I got scolded for carrying an office chair to the conference room today, I had to remind people that I'm pregnant, not paralyzed. Can't wait to start trail running and traing for something, anything, again!

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