Homemade Mini Popsicles

I have fond memories of sitting in the porch swing on hot Midwest summer afternoons, watching the neighborhood go by while enjoying homemade popsicles. I savored each lick, making the frozen treat last as long as possible while it melted in the rising heat and dripped down my arm.

I scoured the Internet and finally tracked down Tupperware Popsicle Molds, but with temperatures on the rise I got a little antsy for their arrival and made some mini ones using ice cube trays.

Homemade Mini Popsicles
1) In your smoothie maker or blender, pour in your favorite juices and fresh fruits. We made ours with plain yogurt, blueberries and orange juice {Carson was in charge of the pouring so I don’t have exact measurements}:

2) Pour the liquid into ice cube trays:

3) Freeze for about an hour, then cover with saran wrap and poke popsicle sticks through {using a knife to slit the wrap}:

3) Wait a few hours, then enjoy your mini-pops! The best part is they’re usually devoured long before melting down arms and leaving any sticky mess behind:

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