I Knew I Could

November 26, 2009

Anyone who has been a dinner guest at our house knows Jason does the majority of the cooking. And recently Carson has taken note. But I’m determined to earn back a little kitchen cred and be more than The Smoothie Maker.

Last night I tried out this recipe, torn from the pages of this month’s Real Simple. I took out the food processor we received as a wedding gift and set it on the counter. Carson pulled up a chair to assist and watch me work. I’ve only used the gadget a handful of times and when he saw it he said, “That’s daddy’s.”

“It’s both of ours,” I replied.

I started fidgeting with the buttons. I always struggle before I remember how to use it. Everything needs to be clicked into place before it will turn on.

“Daddy knows how to work it,”
he informed me.

“So does mama.”

“Because you TRY and THINK you CAN?”
he asked.

I’ve been making a lot of Little Engine That Could references lately when Carson says he can’t do something.

“That’s right.” And then I took it apart and unplugged it and tried to line it up again.

“I have a good idea!” he shouted with enthusiasm that made his entire body shake.

What’s that?”

“We can call daddy!”

“We don’t need to call daddy. Mama’s figuring it out.”

Then I heard a click and watched the ingredients mix and shred in seconds.

“You did it! Good job to mama!”  

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