I Cheer, You Cheer, We All Cheer For…

February 16, 2007

CH-CH-CHEERIOS! I have a newfound appreciation for this breakfast staple. I’ve rediscovered its oaty goodness. Ever since Carson started eating the circular snack a few weeks ago I’ve been enjoying it by the handful. We keep an endless supply in a big glass canister on the kitchen counter and every time I pass by I can’t help sticking my grubby little hand inside. When we’re driving around town I’ll reach across the seat into Bub’s diaper bag and quietly pop a few into my mouth. I’ll even catch myself stealing a few off his tray at mealtime. He hasn’t yet discovered that he can transport them from his hand to his mouth so for the time being he prefers for me to hand feed them to him one by one like a communion wafer. The remaining ones he likes to drop to the floor for Madi Girl to enjoy.

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