Party of Six

July 19, 2014

All six cousins together at the beach. Sun and sand, games and celebrations. Excursions and crabbing. And lots of doting on baby Nat!

b cous DSCN1768



Girl cousins!
photo-4[4] photo-4[2]

photo[1] ducks

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Open For Business

July 5, 2014

Hello, summer. We laid out the welcome mat for bike riding, ice cream truck chasing and lemonade stands. Trying to work a lighter schedule for these three precious months to give the kids that 70s summer. Bring it.

The C+H Lemonade Stand opened up shop on a blazing hot afternoon this week when many neighbors were out of town. After 20 minutes and no customers Carson opted for an aggressive marketing strategy and went door to door announcing they were open for business. Offering two flavors: Berry and Regular. It worked. The Berry was a hit. When it ran dry they decided to hit the strawberry patch and rebrand the regular. Then the late afternoon rush hit. Sold out. Time to close up shop. Successful day.


They took their profits to the food carts where a new ice cream stand opened. Sweet reward.


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Impromptu Family Time

June 8, 2014

We took a last minute trip to the coast last weekend in Pacific City. Found the most fantastic little beach cottage, just big enough for our family, decked out in mid-century modern decor.

geocache | beach combing | sand dune climbing | wet dog chasing | bonfires | s’more tasting  | snuggling | reading time | surf watching |

oregon_coast_views photo-2 photo-2[1] photo-3 photo-3[1] photo-4 photo[2]

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SimplyFine Design Studio Tour

May 23, 2014
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When we moved back in to our home after the remodel I was so happy to have my own private studio, no longer squeezed in a nook off the kitchen.  My own sanctuary where I can close the door and create. A peek at the space where I spend my days: Free Wall Art: A […]

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Our Disneyland Reveal

May 4, 2014

We recently took a trip to LA to visit our new nephew. After spending a few days in Santa Monica we packed up, said our goodbyes and started heading to the airport. But we had a secret. We were headed to The Happiest Place On Earth. They never saw it coming:

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Introducing the New Addition

April 17, 2014

HEEEEEERE’S BOSLEY!!! I’m typically not a fan of ALL CAPS AND MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION POINTS!! in posts but that’s the only appropriate way to introduce our new bundle of energy. BOZER. BOZER BOO. BOZERDOODLE. He plopped into our lives unexpectedly about a month back and BOY OH BOY OH BOY! He’s awesome. Loveable. So snugglishous. And […]

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Spring Break in Sisters

April 5, 2014

Thanks to generous family friends, we relaxed for a week at their central Oregon abode while they flew south for warmer weather. Our little family of four, with others joining us mid-week. We enjoyed: wide open spaces | skateboard rides | ski day | family game night | giant jigsaw puzzles (never started, but with […]

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The Cold Never Bothered Her Anyway

March 25, 2014

Although she’s been belting out the soundtrack and driving him batty the past 3 months, C couldn’t resist being part of the surprise the day Frozen came out on DVD (he’s secretly planning a retaliation when The Lego Movie is released featuring its own catchy theme song).

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New Life for our Family Victrola

February 27, 2014
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Before I was born my parents purchased this old Victrola at an estate sale dirt cheap. Small town. Midwest. Growing up it housed a turntable on top, stereo in the middle and an impressive collection of viynls in the bottom cabinet. Oh the countless times I lifted the needle to replay I Feel Pretty, pretending […]

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Valentine Assembly Line Complete

February 13, 2014
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Happy Heart Day Everyone!

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