HEEEEEERE’S BOSLEY!!! I’m typically not a fan of ALL CAPS AND MULTIPLE EXCLAMATION POINTS!! in posts but that’s the only appropriate way to introduce our new bundle of energy.

BOZER. BOZER BOO. BOZERDOODLE. He plopped into our lives unexpectedly about a month back and BOY OH BOY OH BOY! He’s awesome. Loveable. So snugglishous. And oh! so! happy!


Keeps us on our toes. He likes to carry things around. And chew. We’ve had a few casualties. RIP Polly Pocket heads, Lego pieces, orphaned flip flops, and a gazillion stolen snacks. Our new mantra: Defend your food.

But he’s sweet as can be. My new coworker. The one that’s always interrupting and wanting you to join them on breaks.

And Madi’s new BFF. Up until the old girl tells him she NEEDS HER SPACE NOW. STOP FOLLOWING ME! (Boz doesn’t pick up on subtle hints).

Welcome to the fam, Bosley.

Drop it:
bosley2Who’s a good boy!


Spring Break in Sisters

April 5, 2014

Thanks to generous family friends, we relaxed for a week at their central Oregon abode while they flew south for warmer weather. Our little family of four, with others joining us mid-week.

We enjoyed:
wide open spaces | skateboard rides | ski day | family game night | giant jigsaw puzzles (never started, but with good intentions!) | meandering walks | small town chatter | cousin time | window shopping | rain watching | Nana time | pizza nights | Frozen | crafting | player piano jamboree | Fro-yo | wine tastings |

The three sisters from our front stoop:


Skiing with my boys:




Amanda always tracks down the best spots. Family-friendly happy hour, live music and wine tasting at Faith, Hope + Charity Vineyard:



It’s never too cold for fro-yo:

photo-5Jason tickling the ivories (or pedals):

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Although she’s been belting out the soundtrack and driving him batty the past 3 months, C couldn’t resist being part of the surprise the day Frozen came out on DVD (he’s secretly planning a retaliation when The Lego Movie is released featuring its own catchy theme song).

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New Life for our Family Victrola

February 27, 2014
Thumbnail image for New Life for our Family Victrola

Before I was born my parents purchased this old Victrola at an estate sale dirt cheap. Small town. Midwest. Growing up it housed a turntable on top, stereo in the middle and an impressive collection of viynls in the bottom cabinet. Oh the countless times I lifted the needle to replay I Feel Pretty, pretending […]

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Valentine Assembly Line Complete

February 13, 2014
Thumbnail image for Valentine Assembly Line Complete

Happy Heart Day Everyone!

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Our Little Nutcracker

January 3, 2014

Alongside her BFFs Hadley recently performed a Nutcracker dance at our local community center. A huge inspiration is her amazing teacher Katarina Svetlova of The School of Oregon Ballet Theater. Arabesque, sautée, pirouette and jeté! Followed by wild applause, bows and bouquets of flowers.

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Be Merry Christmas Recap

December 28, 2013

Handmade sweaters | Packages arriving from near and far | Elf on the Shelf close calls | Candlelight church service | Christmas Eve seafood dinner | It’s A Wonderful Life | Stocking Stuffers | Missing front tooth | Tooth fairy meets Santa Claus on Christmas eve | Sibling secrets | Secret Santa | Gingerbread baking […]

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Family Photo Shoot

December 16, 2013
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Considering during our last family photo shoot, Hadley took her very first step, we were years overdue for another. A thank you to the talented Sara Vandepas for capturing some sweet {and silly} family moments.    

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Thanksgiving Week

December 2, 2013
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Days filled with family, friends and cousins playing. We welcomed a large gathering {23!} from far and near for our T-day feast. Lots to be thankful for this time of year.         

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Recent SFD Projects

November 24, 2013
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On my design site I tend to only feature my web sites, but behind the scenes I design everything from trade show displays to magazine ads for clients. A wrapup of some of my recent work:  Print ad for Oregon Bride Magazine: Web banner for an online boutique jewelry shop: Magazine ad for Sweet Paul […]

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